Sunday, February 20, 2011

Andrew's 4

My baby is growing up. It seems like yesterday...

And now he's 4!
All about Andrew:
He is very independent.
He loves the color orange.
He has the most beautiful blue eyes and cutest dimples!
He loves to play the game cube or WII.
He is Mom's little buddy.
He loves his blue blankie.
He can write his name and is doing awesome in pre-school.
He is good at all sports - already.
He is a joy to have.
He still loves Lightening McQueen.
He wanted a Chick Hicks Birthday Party. Here is what I came up with. We made everything at the party green to keep our theme:

Race on over for Andrew’s

Chick Hicks” Birthday Party

It doesn’t “Mater” if you

don’t know who Chick is…

He sometimes takes

Lightening McQueen by surprise.

Introducing CHICK HICKS,

Andrew’s favorite green car!

We had a lot of fun at the party playing lots of games; bowling, tire toss, air hockey, and doing the parachute!
Happy Birthday Tiki Lou!

Fun Filled February

DAREMarshall graduated from the DARE program at school! Dare teaches the kids how to be prepared to say no in bad situations where drugs and alcohol are involved.

Basketball for all...
Hilary is playing Jr. Jazz
Marshall is playing on a Competitive team "The Force" with two games every Saturday.
Andrew brings his basketball to every game to shoot before, at half time and after the game!

Celtic Storm Soccer
Hilary's team took a trip to Vegas to play in a tournament. They barely missed the finals by one goal =(. She got to stay with the team this time so we had some family time with out her.
We all enjoyed the warm weather and were pleased to find Calli's bear after we left her at the field for two days.

We went to Red Rock Canyon and hiked Ice Box Canyon Trail. It was not very warm and there was water involved. Calli took it upon herself to play in the stream despite the thousands of times I asked her not to! Andrew was obsessed with throwing rocks. He kept falling because he would try to pick rocks up while running. It was hilarious.
Your caught - you turkey!
The End. Nice and Dirty!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Isla Mujerhas, MEXICO

Happy 15th Anniversary Baby!
Thanks for taking me to a little piece of paradise to celebrate!
(We went in February 2010 but our Anniversary is October 14th.)

Isla Mujeres is a small beautiful island located a short ferry ride from Cancun. The island is seven kilometers [five miles] long and less than one kilometer wide however most visitors never leave the small town located at the west end of the island.

Isla Mujeres has a rich history filled with pirates and marauding buccaneers. As the story goes in 1517 a Spanish butcher by the name of Francisco Hermandez de Cordoba happened upon the island searching for slaves for Cuban mines, the Spanish already in the process of decimated the indigenous population of that island. Unfortunately the slavers found nothing but old statues which they perceived to be statues of women, thus the name of the island, "Isle of Women".(I think that is why Adam wanted to go here - to the Island of Women. Ha Ha.)

The transportation on the Island is walking, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters or a cab. It is amazing how many people and things the people of the Island can get on a scooter. We enjoyed many walks into the town to eat, shop and hang out at the beach.

We got up one morning to go Scuba Diving and walked to the Marina to find out that the winds were to strong to take the boat out. We made the best of the day by exploring the whole west end of the Island and enjoying a day at the beach. We did get to scuba later in the week. It was amazing, the water was so clear.

At the beach I got my fantastic hair do. It was perfect, I didn't have to do my hair the rest of the time we were there!

Crusin in Style!

We rented a golf cart to cruise the island in for a day. We looked all over for the Church. We finally found it in the middle of a neighborhood. Yes, it is in a house and the sister missionaries live there.

The Ruins are on the south end of the Island.

Isla Mujeres has one small archaeological site, which happens to be located at the most easterly point of Mexico. The Mayans, being astute celestial observers built a structure there for some unknown reason although the fact that sunlight hits this point first every morning might have something to do with it. It is also thought the structure may have been used as an observation post/lighthouse as well as a communication post being able to signal both boats and people on the mainland.

The structure is believed to be dedicated to the Mayan Goddess Ixchel, the Mayan Goddess of Fertility. Remnants of traditional ceremonies combined with Catholic overtones have been passed down from generation to generation and there are still Mayans alive today who practice the fertility ceremonies.

In 1988 Hurricane Gilbert hit the island hard and reeked havoc on the site but the site has been cleaned up and "renovated".

When we went to the south end of the Island to see the Mayan Ruins we hiked down the rocks to the ocean. In this picture we were looking back toward the west end of the Island. Dreamy water, don't you think? This is definitely one of the best places I have got to visit.